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Ottumwa Stories: Raising the Bar on Bars

Published March 1, 2024

No matter the purpose of your visit to Ottumwa – be it for leisure or business – after a long day, you'll likely seek a spot to relax and unwind. Embrace the local vibe with our curated selection of Ottumwa's finest bars, ranging from cocktail lounges and beer pubs to sports bars and beyond. We're confident we have just the right place to cure whatever ales you.

Craft Beer

Iowa is rapidly gaining recognition for its craft beer scene, and visitors to Ottumwa can certainly enjoy it. Start your beer adventure at the Wissota Chophouse, where all 20 taps feature craft beers from across the state, available at half price during happy hour (4-6 daily). Additionally, Pallister Brothers Bar & Taproom and Godfrey’s Ale House both provide 10 taps each, offering a diverse selection of craft and domestic brews for those seeking new experiences or sticking to familiar favorites.


When it comes to cocktails, we’ve got some suggestions on the best places to go. For a unique bloody mary experience, head to Morgan’s Corner where they serve a specialty version every Saturday. If you prefer classic cocktails like an old fashioned or a martini, the Tom-Tom Tap is the place to go. To enjoy a high-end twist on your favorite cocktails after a long day, visit the Wissota Chophouse.


When it comes to bar food, Ottumwa has really raised the bar. Indulge in a burger at Morgan’s Corner, renowned as one of the best in the state; savor a pizza at the Tom-Tom Tap, beloved by both locals and visitors alike; try a mouth-watering tenderloin at Front Runners. When selecting bar food, you simply can’t miss.


If you're in the mood to catch a game, Ottumwa offers a variety of spots where you can do just that. Whether you're after basketball, football, or any other game, there's always a place to enjoy it. Godfrey’s Ale House, Courtside, and Benchwarmers are the top sports bars in town, each offering plenty of screens, food deals, and drinks to keep you entertained.


If you're seeking entertainment with your drink, Ottumwa bars have got you covered. Enjoy weekly live music at Pallister Brothers Bar & Taproom, showcase your singing skills at Owl’s Nest, Red’s Pub, or Uncle Buck’s with karaoke, or play a game of pool or darts at the new Snookered Pool Hall. Whatever you're craving, Ottumwa has you covered.

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